St. Gregory Barbarigo, Bishop

St. Gregory was born in 1625, of a distinguished Venetian family.  A brilliant student, he embracesa diplomatic career and accompanied the Venetian Ambassador, Contarini, to the Congress of Munster in 1648.  Soon after becoming a priest he was consecrated aas the first Bishop of Bergamo by Pope Alexander VII.

Later he was elevated to the rank of Cardinal and also given authority over the diocese of Padua.  He guided his flock with pastorial wisdom and deep understanding.

St. Gregory worked unceasingly in carrying out the reforms set forth by the Council of Trent.  he died in 1697 and was canonized in 1960 by Pope John XXIII.

Prayer: God, You willed that St. Gregory, Your Bishop, should shine forth with pastorial so;ocotude and compassion for the poor.  Help us who celebrate his merits to imitate the example of his charity.  Amen