Blog 2

June 13, 2020

This week was difficult but at the same time very rewarding, exspecially the alast part of the week.  We had two funerals.  One was a  parishioners that was 94 and the other was also a past parishioner that was in a nursing home, and passed away in April.  because of all the Covid- 19 stuff they were unable to bury their loved one until now.  This is the rewarding part, and the best part of my job.  I am blessed to help with funerals as part of my job.  I prepare the church, work with the funeral homes and am there to greet the family and friends of the deceased.  I love hearing the stories of the deceased and offering the a lending ear to the family members that want to talk.  Today was rewarding, I spoke with the sister of the deceased who was herself in her 90’s and she was so interesting. She talked about her sister and what she was like.  I spent some time with the son who made the arrangements with us.  We talked how difficult it is for the residents in a nursing home.

As the funeral was progressing I thought about all the stuff that has been going on in Louisville with the riots and protests. Iwondered just what Jesus must be thinking about what he sees going on.  I find my mind and heart very heavy, Covid-19, killings, riots, luting, it seems like our world is in a big mess.  I pray everyday that Jesus will give someone in our country the ability to figure all this out and get us on the right path again.  I might not know how to fix things but I do know that Jesus is the answer to solving it all.

Rest in peace Margaret Humprey, and Mrs. Wise.